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The Universal Hold Down implements a stainless steel wire mesh gripping device on an aluminum rod to adjust the height of a dock leveler deck. This new design is superior to existing ratchet / pawl and friction brake band designs for the following reasons:

  • Increased Lifespan - High cycle testing has indicated lifespans of well over 5 years. The only part that wears is the aluminum rod and that can be replaced as easily as pulling out the old one and popping in the new one.

  • Lightweight – Aluminum, steel, and stainless design results in a unit that weighs 8 lbs instead of 50 lbs, and does not corrode. Lightweight unit also results in easy installation.

  • Automatic Release – Patented automatic release feature prevents catastrophic failure in situations with excessive "float". The release is smooth and does not cause damage unlike conventional ratchet / pawl systems.



The Universal Hold Down was designed to accommodate the vast majority of mechanical dock leveler configurations. The hold down can accommodate ¾” pins, ½” pins, and 3/8” pins. Included is a 1/2" and 3/4" pin hole clevis which bolts onto the aluminum rod. On the lower end, 1/2" adapter plates can be unbolted allowing for a 3/4" pin. In rare situations, welding of a steel tab to underside of deck or subframe may be required. The Universal Hold Down can accommodate pin to pin stroke ranges of 27” to 56”. The UHD-1000A hold down may not work on some 10 foot long older style dock levelers. Full refunds guaranteed if the hold down is not compatible.

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